Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mean Green Deviled Eggs w/ avocadonaise..

As you know my family & I went on the Paleo bandwagon. I have to say, what a fantastic decision for us! We also have a daughter with a soy allergy; we don't eat canola oil or processed foods. do we make deviled eggs without Mayo & make it fun? Avocadonaise! What is that you might ask? Fun stuff I tell you! Haha.


2 avocados
Juice of 2 lemons or 3 capfuls concentrate lemon juice
4 garlic cloves
Salt & pepper to taste.
Food process till smooth

Mean Green Deviled Eggs:
Hard boil 12 eggs
Cool & peel
Cut in half
Put cooked yolk into food processor with the avocadonaise
Blend till smooth

Put mixture into hollow spaces of the boiled egg
Sprinkle with paprika